5 Traits of Charismatic People

5 Traits of Charismatic People! Do You Have These?

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What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Charisma?” A majority of people would think about their favourite celebrity, business tycoon, or politician. Such people are charismatic and successful because of the personality they have as an X-factor. Don’t be disheartened, the path to the celebrity starts from being a common man and everyone can walk on that path. Traits of charismatic people can be developed only if you’ve dedication and determination.

The fascinating personality is a result of the psychology of an individual. Few people are blessed with the character that goes with a celebrity persona; while, some are born and brought up in royal upbringing environment. Well, there are many reasons to cover up the excuses, but it doesn’t mean only a few people with good looks or favourable fortunes are meant to possess the traits. It is possible for any ordinary person to develop charismatic traits with a little bit of dedication and efforts.

The advantage of having a charming personality is that it helps in influencing people, whether it’s personal or business; which links to the leadership. Oftentimes, it’s defined in a reverse way; Charisma doesn’t help to become a leader, being a leader makes you charismatic.

Here are the five traits of charismatic people:

1. Being an Optimist

5 Traits of Charismatic People- Optimistic

An optimist always takes the best out of everything and spread positive vibes to create a healthy environment within the workplace. It’s your choice to choose whether to stay optimistic or pessimistic, but be a role model to wave your magic wand of positivity and inspire people around you.

You don’t need any superhero to come and teach you a moral story, right? Decide to be optimistic for a safer side and become a spiritual god to spread positivity. When there are bright vibrations, it increases life expectancy, overall health and enhances work success.

2. Being Confident

Traits of Charismatic People- Confidence

Leaders have the personality to attract people powerfully and possess confidence. Charismatic people exude confidence; who see half glass filled rather than half empty. They always look for the brighter side. It’s said that being positive in a pessimistic situation is not adolescent, it’s a leadership quality. A strong leader trains his mind to be self-confident about the actions.

Your confidence will help in better communication and connect with others. However, make sure you understand there’s a thin line between confidence and over-confidence.

3. Being interested in people

Traits of Charismatic People- Be genuinely interested

Charismatic people are always interested in other people. While in a conversation with someone, discuss about the topics that the other person is interested in, rather than the topic of your choice. Try to find out more about others rather than telling them about yourself. Be genuinely interested in listening to them. Ask open questions to learn about their emotions and feelings and make them feel at ease.

You should also be careful about the words you speak and also the body posture you use. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a conversation with an individual or a group of people. Your body latitude and longitude define the attitude.

People are likely to come up to you for an opinion or considering as a ray of hope for some solution. Your empathy with the fellow mates will increase trust and respect.

4. Intelligence

Traits of Charismatic People- Intelligence

Charismatic people are usually intelligent and are up to date with the latest happenings. Keeping yourself updated with the latest news helps in being a conversation starter, whether among a group of people or on your first date. Quick tip; Before going to any gathering or conference, glance through the newspaper to learn about what’s the trending topic these days.

A leader is known to pull their teammates together and convert a weakness into a strength for productivity and attain desired results. A charismatic leader listens and reacts with an apt answer, usually, a conversation is friendly and engaged with compassion.

5. Assertiveness


A majority of leaders have the vision that becomes the drive and purpose of the influential transformation. The leaders have the ability to inspire and motivate people to do whatever they want them to do.  They are assertive with their opinions.  Charismatic people convince others with their body language, confidence and strong personality.

A charismatic leadership quality involves a sense of flair, style, and confidence, which is hard to pull them down. A majority of transformational leaders have the personality to initiate and ability to maintain a vital component.

In short, charismatic traits include good communication, enthusiastic nature and optimistic attitude. People get influenced by the warmth of the charismatic person. Some people are god-gifted with these traits but, charisma is not only limited to them. Anyone can develop these traits with a bit of patience and persistence.


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