LinkedIn Local Lucknow

LinkedIn Local Lucknow – An Ideal Networking Platform For Entrepreneurs and Professionals

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Lucknow is not only known for its kebabs and biryanis any more. In the recent years, the city has witnessed development on all fronts with various opportunities for professionals and as a new startup hub.

But, being an entrepreneur or a professional in the city comes with challenges with almost no platform to share your experiences, concerns and idea. In my personal experience as a budding solopreneur, I feel that reaching out to other entrepreneurs and making connections is really helpful. It not only gives you the opportunity to build collaborations but also avoids the mental burnout of doing everything on your own.

But last week the city hosted the first of its kind networking event for professionals- LinkedIn Local Lucknow.

LinkedIn Local is a networking event spreading its magic worldwide by connecting the LinkedIners in offline meet-ups across the globe. The purpose of the event is to motivate and inspire the budding entrepreneurs for a collective growth. The concept was initiated by Anna McAfee from Australia with an objective to meet online connections offline and was later developed by adding themes from Alexandra Galviz (UK), Erik Eklund (Belgium), and Manu Goswami (US). The Intention was to unite people around the world under facilitated event to know them beyond their job designations, company identity, and business cards.

LinkedInLocal Lucknow

LinkedinLocal Lucknow

Host – Surabhi Srivastava

On May 12th I attended the first LinkedIn Local event held in Lucknow at Hotel Levana Suites. It was a great platform to connect with other professionals in your city, learn more about them, share about your services and collaborate with the ones who are interested in your work. The event was hosted by Surabhi and team of volunteers and it was undoubtedly a great success.

Something that was worth noticing was the diversity of professionals connected together by LinkedIn. It not only included people from different sectors but also a diverse mix of people at different stages of their business lifecycle. The crowd included nutritionists, educators, writers, bloggers, digital media experts, photographers, psychiatrist and many more.  Mr. Jayant Krishna, the Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer at National Skill Development Corporation was invited as a chief guest to inspire the youth of the city with his entrepreneurship success stories.

Linkedin Local



LinkedIn Local Lucknow

The event started with an introductory round in which everybody had to introduce themselves in just 30 seconds. The timekeeper really did a great job by hitting the buzzer after every 30 seconds to ensure everyone sticks with the allotted time

LinkedIn Local Lucknow

Devanshi Seth – Founder & Editor at Now Lucknow


Linkedin Local

Yasir Ansari, an international education entrepreneur – Director at SimplED


LinkedIn Local

Aakanksha Srivastava – Co-founder & COO at The Aspiring CEO


Linkedin Local Lucknow

Rakesh Kapoor – A trained life coach from Columbia University


LinkedIn Local Lucknow

Jayant Krishna, Chief Guest – Executive Director & COO at National Skill Development Corporation

Next was the audience lead interaction with Mr. Jayant, who enlightened us on various topics, related to startups & entrepreneurship and working culture in the city. People came up with great questions during the session which were answered thoroughly by Mr. Jayant.

Some of the questions include:

  • What are some of the important leadership traits that the aspiring leaders should try to develop and what are the traits that they should try to get rid of?
  • What are the shortcomings that lead the youth of our state to move to metros?
  • What do corporates should do to retain female talent?
  • How can we help the city be ‘skilled’

The event concluded with a tea/coffee and some light refreshments, which was again an opportunity to network and learn about each other. And of course, any event, conference or celebration is incomplete without photo sessions and we all collected to get a group photo taken and cherish the moment.


LinkedIn Local Lucknow


LinkedInLocal Lucknow

This initiative was so appreciated by everyone that we all decided to have regular meet-ups on a quarterly basis and some informal coffee session every month. I would strongly recommend every professional in the city to be a part of such meet-ups. After all, we all entrepreneurs are sailing in the same boat and connecting with each other and gaining knowledge from others is always a valuable experience.

What do you think about this networking event? Would you like to be a part of our next meet-up? Do share your views on the same.





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