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About Me

Hey! I am Pooja Jhamnani. A tourism graduate by education, a content writer by profession and a blogger by passion.

I have been associated with a corporate world since past 7-8 years. And even after getting a reasonable salary, healthy work culture, and supportive co-workers, I always felt something is missing in my professional life. I didn’t get that satisfaction.

That’s when I realized, it isn’t what I want. I didn’t want to be an employee for the whole of my life. I love freedom, I prefer to work on my own terms. Following strict policies and protocols is not my cup of tea. I feel like I have been caged….As rightly said by John F. Kennedy, “Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth”. I prefer to set my own rules and live the life I want. And, this is something you can never get from a 9 to 5 job. Hence, a blogger in me was born- with deep fears and high hopes.

Having so much of experience in the corporate sector, I thought why not use my expertise to empower others. My lifestyle blog ‘Pink Pinnacle’ will help you to elevate your professional life. Basically, it revolves around Food, Fashion, Travel and, Personal Development and will keep evolving as it goes.

All the categories can be summarised as mentioned below:
Food: If you have a ‘work hard, party harder’ kinda attitude, then you are at the right place. This section includes tips to make your team meetings more fun and productive, office meeting food ideas, business lunch etiquettes, the current hotspot to celebrate the office party etc.

Fashion: If you are a working woman trying to build your presence in the corporate sector or, a woman entrepreneur who wants to follow the latest fashion trends but still look professional,  then this blog s for you. This section is all about women work wear. Here you will get all the tips and bits of advice to dress up elegantly and make people turn heads wherever you go, without shelling out a fortune of money.

Travel: This section is aimed at business travelers. If you are a frequent traveler who always has a jam-packed schedule to attend the conferences, seminars or, back to back meetings with the clients then this blog will interject some fun into your travel plan that could have been boring and hectic otherwise. Some of the points covered here include, how to sneak in some personal time and incorporating bleizure into your corporate travel, healthy eating tips while on the road, hacks to get travel deals and a lot more.

Personal Development: Are you the one who wants to speak at the conferences and seminars but your hands shake the moment you hold the mike in your hand. Or, if you enjoy attending client meets and other social events but your mind goes blank when it comes to small talks, then this is your front-row VIP pass to personal development sessions- how to prepare for the small talks, building a positive body language, how to be more charismatic ec.

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